Dailet Creation

Art examples and Comissions

Welcome! here you can see my art examples and the comission i take

Head Shot - $5

Pixel art - $7
Animation - $9
Extra Character - $3

Can be sometimes buts, can sometimes have the character collar if is wanted

Half Body - $10

Pixel art - $13
Animation - $15
Extra Character $14

Wings, Tails, Or Other body part can be showed or not, as the client want be, arms can not be show too if is wanted

Full Body - $15

Pixel Art - $17
Animation - $20
Extra Character - $18

Acessoris if the client wanted can be put or not

extra comissions

Customs - Character desing

This depends the complexity of the character

Simple Customs - $10
Medium Customs - $15
Complex Customs - $20

Alt Forms/Transformation - $10

When u commission a Custom / Character Desing, plz be specific of what you want, send many references as you can for do the result of u want


With the character will have the same prices as the top ones, the new addition is the background

Simple - $15

Medium - $20

Complex - $30

Extra Characters Depending of how be shown, still same price and the top ones

Characters such being only in the background like animals will depend too


this is like a fusion of all the commission's price showed, it all depends of how u like the character to be shown in the page and what background want ( take in mind if the background scenario change will take extra cost ), take in mind I will not make a comic series, will be just a small comic, possibly made only 2 pages

the price will be discuss in all u wanted of the comic be, plz be specific of how u like to be the comic to the result be as you wanted


By commissioning me, you agree to the following conditions:

the commissions take their due time for them to have the best possible result, so please be patientWhen requesting the commission, it will be paid at the end when it is finished and complete, if you do not trust this method, a photo of the drawing will be sent as a sample that your commission was madeplease, put my toyhouse credits in my art / custom in your toyhouseplease don't ask for a commission if you don't have the money to pay itI accept Da points, but this price will be $ 1 = 100I can do Any Kind of gore, Horror/Terror, Vents, and any kind of characters!I CANT do NSFW and Mechas

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